Persagen offers ( coming soon ! ) a freely accessible biomedical/clinical-related search engine via our platform.

PPMSearch offers up-to-date biomedical, clinical and health-related, high-quality information search and retrieval,that is relevant to your search and interests via automated (thus 'hidden') concept-based query expansion augmented with active-learning (refinement based on question-answering).

These approaches allow us to process enormous volumes of data to provide the information that is most specific to you!

The data indexed and curated are relevant to professional practitioners (academics; clinicians; geneticists; doctors; researchers) as well as direct-to-consumer end users (public access).  Given the complexity of the concepts (e.g. genetics and genomic information; clinical information including disease, treatments and drugs, etc.) that is inherently relevant to every person's health and well-being, we also provide links to relevant background material, e.g. Wikipedia.

With the continual development and refinement of our knowledge graph (knowledge store), the visualization tools provided allow you to freely explore areas of interest, to discover new knowledge relevant to your interests.

We additionally offer the services introduced in our 'About' on a contractual basis.

Please contact us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for additional details and discussion, including research and development, including but not limited to computational linguistics, machine-learning, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing.