Yesterday I received a StackOverflow notification that the links in one of my answers no longer worked. I updated those, moving that content here.

That file/page is my recreation of the original source (~2013), for which the original website/post no longer exists (2017). However, I tend to save local copies of interesting content, so I had a backup copy that I rendered and reposted.

Over the years, for routine Python usage I’ve tried various options: PyCharm; Jupyter; …

PyCharm is very good (as are all JetBrains products: IntelliJ, …), but I found it to be a bit of overkill for my personal use.

Jupyter is very popular, but personally I really dislike the disjointed code sections; cascading errors when code in previous cells needs to be rerun, etc. I find that that fragmentation distracts from the code/coding, and leads to errors in finished scripts (e.g. missing import statements, …).

For awhile I used Geany as my IDE (summarized, here) – and I continue to use Geany as my secondary, “go-to” text editor: it’s fabulous – but now I much prefer to do straight-up coding in Vim/Neovim or Geany, running the scripts in a Konsole terminal. Advantages:

  • simplicity;
  • no commercial dependencies (PyCharm; …);
  • close working relationship to my code and its implementation;

Aside: Linux Terminals

As alluded, for most of my day-to-day heavy lifting I use Vim (Neovim, actually) in a Yakuake pull-down terminal that I call up in Arch Linux with a Ctrl-Alt-Y keypress shortcut)

For linux terminals, I variously employ:

  • Yakuake
    • Ctrl-Alt-Y keypress, set in Yakuake Menu (lower right of Yakuake screen » “Configure Shortcuts…”)
    • used for quick access to Neovim (always running in a Yakuake terminal window), which – due to peculiarities of Guake (default keyboard shortcuts, …) – I find it easier to deploy in Yakuake
  • Guake
    • Ctrl-Alt-T keypress, set in Guake Preferences (“Keyboard shortcuts”)
    • another “pull-down” terminal multiplexer (like Yakuake) that I use for often-repeated command-line use (Arch Linux updates; timers; speed tests; …)
  • Konsole
    • Ctrl-Super-T keypress, set in Arch Linux “All Settings” » keyboard » Application Shortcuts »
      Command: konsole --workdir ./
      Shortcut: Ctrl-Super-T (I use an Apple Aluminum keyboard with the Alt and Option keys swapped; the Super key is the alt/option key, in that image)
      • On my Arch Linux system, I include a startup bash script, that includes this remapping: setxkbmap -option altwin:swap_alt_win

I routinely use Konsole for fast, as-needed access to a terminal. For example, if I need to quickly access my ‘reference’ clipboard/file, as summarized here  (local copy), within seconds I can execute the following commands:

  • Ctrl-Super-T : bring up a terminal
  • ref stderr : search for content (partial matches ok)
  • q : quit my “reference” notes
  • qq : quit/close that terminal (qq is my ~/.bashrc alias for exit)

I’m not the biggest fan of KDE ( too ‘bloated’ and buggy for my liking), but Konsole is an excellent, configurable terminal, very similar to gnome-terminal that I previously used in Ubuntu.