Diana Davis Spencer Foundation

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  • Name: Diana Davis Spencer Foundation
  • Abbreviation: DDSF
  • Founded: 2007
  • Location: Bethesda, Maryland, U.S.A.
  • Type: 501(c)(3) private foundation
  • EIN: 20-3672969
  • Classification (NTEE):Private Independent Foundations (Philanthropy, Voluntarism and Grantmaking Foundations)
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  • Mission: "To promote entrepreneurship, self-reliance, global understanding, free enterprise, and to enhance the quality of life by supporting the arts, education, health advancements, and preservation of the environment."
  • Revenue (FYE 2019-12): $55,171,401 ($55 million)
  • Assets (FYE 2019-12): $1,344,108,027 ($1.3 billion)
  • Website: DDSFoundation.org
  • History: The Diana Davis Spencer Foundation evolved from:


    "The Diana Davis Spencer Foundation continues a multi-generational history of family philanthropy. It evolved from the Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation, established in 1962, and the Kathryn W. Davis Foundation, established in 2004.

    "Both Shelby and Kathryn earned their doctorates in International Relations from the University of Geneva.

    "Shelby, an author and successful investment banker, was the longest serving American ambassador to Switzerland. His wife, Kathryn Wasserman Davis, was an author, community leader, and renowned lecturer in Russian affairs. She took up art at age 95 and exhibited at juried shows.

    "Today, their daughter, Diana Davis Spencer, serves as president and chairman of the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation. A journalist and activist, Diana leads the foundation and directs its grant-making efforts.

    "Abby Spencer Moffat, Diana's daughter, serves as the foundation's chief executive officer. A former business leader and entrepreneur, she serves on several boards and oversees the foundation's day-to-day operations."


    "The Diana Davis Spencer Foundation espouses the values upon which our nation was founded: freedom and individual responsibility. The mission of the foundation is to promote national security, entrepreneurship, self-reliance, free enterprise, and to enhance quality of life by supporting the arts, education, global understanding, health advancements, and preservation of the environment."

    Areas of Philanthropy

    Founding Values

    "Our Founding Fathers enshrined freedom, limited government, and individual responsibility in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. They knew that these values would guide future generations to prosperity and happiness. Today, the growth of big government endangers these principles. Society increasingly depends on fiscally unsustainable entitlement and welfare programs.

    "To guarantee their political, social, and economic freedoms, Americans must rediscover and apply their founding values. We're helping them do so through our support to a variety of research, advocacy, and educational organizations.

    "For example, the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy supports over 50,000 legal professionals committed to preserving constitutional government and the rule of law. One Generation Away develops educational projects to teach Americans of all ages about the Constitution and how it applies to modern issues. Liberty's Promise instills our founding values in new immigrants and helps integrate them into American civic society.

    "Our founding values have provided over two centuries of economic, political, and moral guidance to citizens of the greatest nation in human history. By understanding and upholding these values, Americans can ensure a free, vibrant society for years to come."


    "Education is the gateway to opportunity. A world-class education system ensures a vibrant, entrepreneurial economy, strengthens national security and public policy, and instills America's founding values in the next generation of citizens. The foundation is proud to support education initiatives from pre-school up through adulthood. We support programs, such as KIPP, NFTE, City Year, Turnaround for Children, and Teach for America, that offer resources to low-performing schools in high poverty areas.

    "Grants also provide programs for children and adults with learning challenges in schools such as Chapel Haven and Maplebrook School. Veteran programs include Special Ops Warrior Foundation and Warrior-Scholar Project. We're particularly excited to work with organizations, such as Appletree Institute for Education Innovation and After-School All-Stars that pioneer innovative new approaches to educational challenges."


    "Small businesses drive economic growth. They employ half of all U.S. workers, create two of every three new jobs, and patent new inventions 16 times faster than large firms.

    "But the future of small business is under threat. Americans are starting new businesses at the lowest rate in decades, even as the small business failure rate increases due to suffocating regulations. To reverse this worrying trend, we're working to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in today's youth.

    "Reviving American small business starts with teaching the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. That's why we're working to expose students to entrepreneurship through education. The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship encourages middle and high school students to establish their own businesses. The students have the opportunity to present their business plans in competitions -- and winners go on to compete in the national competition in New York City.

    "We're also proud to contribute to programs that promote social entrepreneurship such as College of Atlantic, Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship, and Bethesda Green. Another empowering organization, Rising Tide Capital, teaches and assists low-income entrepreneurs to build stronger businesses.

    "Teaching entrepreneurship isn't merely a way to spur economic growth and job creation. By inspiring people to turn their creative ideas and passions into business ventures, we're helping individuals unlock their full potential and live the American dream."

    Public Policy

    "Sound public policy encourages entrepreneurship and protects individual liberty. With these principles under attack, smart policies are needed now more than ever.

    "A constantly expanding federal government threatens the freedoms of both states and citizens. Excessive regulations prevent entrepreneurs from creating and growing the small businesses that drive the economy." [neoliberalism]

    "The Diana Davis Spencer Foundation is committed to downsizing government and opening markets, so all Americans can reach their potential. That's why we support institutes and think tanks that are researching, developing, and advocating less intrusive laws and regulations.

    "For example, the Institute for Justice intertwines public policy, education, and free enterprise. They've been very successful cutting through government regulations, and recently helped defend a group of monks whose handmade casket business was being strangled by unfair regulations.

    "Likewise, the National Right to Work [National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation] has empowered employees to fight back against discriminatory laws that force them to join unions against their will. The Heritage Foundation has promoted free enterprise, limited government solutions for decades.

    "We're empowering leaders who are committed to implementing policies that embody our founding principles."

    National Security

    "America faces unprecedented threats to its national security. Terrorism endangers citizens at home and abroad. Rising powers seek to challenge America's interests and values. And technological advances have given rise to cyber-attacks which could cripple critical energy, financial, and communications infrastructure.

    "As Americans, we must bolster our national security to safeguard our freedoms and economic prosperity.

    "We're proud to have launched the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security, a selective Washington, D.C. graduate school educating the future leaders of America's national security community. It offers open source materials and case studies taught by professionals from the CIA, FBI, and DIA. The academy frequently amplifies its impact through partnerships with other security-minded organizations.

    "The Diana Davis Spencer Foundation is committed to funding and spearheading initiatives that give defense and intelligence leaders the tools they need to keep America safe and strong."


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    Diana Davis Spencer Foundation: Financials (2018)
    Source (more details online).
    Total revenue$55,171,401
    Total expenses$46,109,018
    Total liabilities$47,541,804
    Total assets$1,344,108,027 ($1.3 billion)
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    Charitable Funding Provided By the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation

    SOURCE:  ConservativeTransparency.or.com, 2020-10-15
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    Diana Davis Spencer Foundation: Donations ≥ $50,000.  Date range: 2008-2012
    Source, captured 2020-10-15.
    Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship300,0002008
    Institute of World Politics$300,0002008
    Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship$273,0002011
    Institute of World Politics$200,0002012
    Institute of World Politics$18,0002011
    Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship$170,0002010
    Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship$160,0002009
    One Generation Away$150,0002012
    Institute of World Politics$120,0002010
    One Generation Away$100,0002011
    One Generation Away$100,0002010
    Institute of World Politics$100,0002009
    Chapel Haven (New Haven)$100,0002008
    Wheaton College$80,0002011
    Atlas Economic Research Foundation$80,0002008
    Wheaton College$80,0002012
    Wheaton College$75,0002010
    Asia America Initiative(?)$60,0002008
    Intercollegiate Studies Institute$60,0002008
    Hudson Institute$50,0002008
    Media Research Center$50,0002008
    Wheaton College$50,0002008

    SOURCE:  ConservativeTransparency.or.com, 2020-10-15
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    Top Beneficiaries of Diana Davis Spencer Foundation.
    [Date range: 2008-2012  |  Ordered by sum (high to low)]
    Source, captured 2020-10-15.  |  Unique recipients found: 127  |  Number of contributions sorted: 370  |  Total value of contributions: $7,195,500
    Top recipientsTransactions on RecordTotal Value of Contributions
    Network For Teaching Entrepreneurship5$1,253,000
    Institute of World Politics5$900,000
    One Generation Away3$350,000
    Wheaton College5$325,000
    Chapel Haven (New Haven)5$250,000
    Asia America Initiative(?)5$175,000
    Intercollegiate Studies Institute5$163,000
    Best Friends Foundation5$150,000
    Media Research Center5$143,000
    American Council of Trustees and Alumni5$120,000
    Institute for Justice5$105,000
    Institute for Responsible Citizenship5$100,000
    Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies5$96,000
    Atlas Economic Research Foundation4$92,000
    Masters School5$90,000
    Washington Tennis & Education Foundation5$80,000
    Center for Security Policy5$80,000
    Center for Strategic and International Studies4$80,000
    International Freedom Educational Foundation4$80,000
    Babson College5$80,000
    Middle East Children's Institute5$78,000
    Philanthropy Roundtable5$75,000
    Investigative Project on Terrorism5$75,000
    Maplebrook School5$73,000
    Center for Inspired Teaching4$70,000
    FreedomWorks Foundation5$70,000
    Scenic Hudson2$70,000
    Fund for American Studies5$68,000
    Independent Women's Forum4$68,000
    Appletree Institute for Education Innovation4$65,000
    NumbersUSA Education and Research Foundation3$60,000
    Read to Grow5$59,000
    City Year Washington DC4$57,000
    New Leaders for New Schools4$55,000
    Friends of Acadia5$54,000
    Hudson Institute1$50,000
    Bill of Rights Institute2$50,000
    Young American Broadcasters [www.youngamericanbroadcasters.org/]4$49,000
    Libforall Foundation4$48,000
    For Love of Children5$47,000
    Friends of Choice in Urban Schools4$45,000
    Virginia Institute for Public Policy5$44,000
    Freedom Alliance5$42,000
    Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors5$40,000
    Middle East Media Research Institute4$39,000
    Northeast Harbor Library5$35,000
    EastWest Institute2$35,000
    F.Y. Chang Foundation - U.S.-China Education Trust4$35,000
    National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation4$35,000

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