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Reason: the backend for the landing / search page on is Pg-Solr, a SSL/TLS-secured open-source enterprise-search platform based on Apache Solr. The TLS protocol (*(web security) requires a user/password login.

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Search help

Mentioned above, the backend search engine on  (Pg-Solr) is based on Apache Solr  [Wikipedia: Apache Solr]. Pg-Solr enables powerful matching capabilities including phrases, wildcards, joins, grouping and much more.

Search tips

Basic searching

  • *:* will retrieve all indexed documents

  • Short words (less than three characters) are ignored.

  • Searches are case-insensitive, e.g. canada will find Canada. Canadian, ...

  • Stemmed searches are enabled: e.g. "Canad*" will find "Canada", "Canadian", ...

  • Advanced searching

    By default, Apache Solr operates as a NoSQL database, employing a self-"managed-schema".

    Pg-Solr, however, uses a custom schema - providing structure to the indexed content, as well as fine-grained capture and searching of document metadata (authors, dates, keywords, keyphrases, named entities, ...).

  • Among the metadata fields captured is "title" (i.e., document titles). Thus, to to find indexed documents containing Canada in the title, search for: title:canada.

  • Likewise, to find documents with

  • With the current (2023-05-10) documents indexed, title:"supreme court" and title:"supreme" AND title:"court" will give the same results,



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    Help - Searches

    Searching in BT-Solr employs Apache Solr as the back-end (hidden) document indexer / document store.

    While the default functionality on the (main tabs) "Search" page works intuitively and well, the following provide tips for more advanced searches.

    Solr Leading Wildcard Queries

    Help - NLP [Natural Language Processing]



    Named Entities | Proper Names