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The Bauman Family Foundation

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The Bauman Family Foundation has donated millions of dollars to left-of-center causes over the past decade. The Bauman Family Foundation also has ties to the Democracy Alliance. The Bauman Family Foundation's head, Patricia Bauman  [see also], is a Democratic donor who has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to progressive and Democratic candidates for office.


The Bauman Family Foundation was founded in 1982 by New York businessman Lionel Bauman. He was described as a supporter of the arts, education, and liberal politics. Lionel died in 1987, and the Bauman Family Foundation was the beneficiary of his estate.


The Bauman Family Foundation supports various environmentalist groups such as Greenpeace, the Environmental Defense Fund, the Sierra Club, and the Union of Concerned Scientists. The Bauman Family Foundation has also donated to various community organizing organizations such as the Center for Community Change, the American Institute for Social Justice, and the Gamaliel Foundation.

The Bauman Family Foundation also supports liberal voter registration initiatives. The Bauman Family Foundation supports the Voter Participation Center, an organization that has ties to former Hillary Clinton staffers that works to register voters in key left-leaning demographics such as unmarried women and minorities. The Bauman Family Foundation has also provided money to the Advancement Project which fights against voter ID laws. The Bauman Family Foundation also fights for universal voter registration, new redistricting laws, and restoring the right to vote for felons.

The Bauman Family Foundation has also supported Project Vote, a liberal-aligned voter registration organization that was associated with the controversial now-defunct Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) left-wing activism network. In 2008 the organization was allegedly involved in a scheme involving the Barack Obama presidential campaign to shuffle money from Project Vote into Obama campaign coffers. The Obama campaign furnished Project Vote with a list of donors who had contributed the maximum amount allowed by law to the Obama campaign. Those donors were then persuaded to donate money to Project Vote and that money would be in turn used to register voters likely to vote for Obama.


The Bauman Family Foundation has an endowment of $83 million as of 2015. The Bauman Family Foundation gave out $7 million in grants. Among the organizations receiving grants were the Advancement Project which received $56,000, the Brennan Center for Justice which received $250,000, the Center for American Progress which received $25,000, the Education Fund which received $75,000, Media Matters for America which received $125,000, UnidosUS (formerly the National Council of La Raza) which received $50,000, the Natural Resources Defense Council which received $150,000, and the Tides Foundation which received $500,000.

The Bauman Family Foundation also donated large sums of money to organizations that advance left-wing politics in the Southern United States. Among the groups awarded grants were Blueprint North Carolina which was given $20,000, the Common Cause Education Fund which received $75,000, the Southern Coalition for Social Justice who got $20,000.


Patricia Bauman runs the Bauman Family Foundation. Patricia Bauman is a Democratic donor who has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to progressive and Democratic candidates for office. Patricia Bauman was a contributor to both of Barack Obama's presidential campaigns, money to Hillary Clinton's U.S. Senate campaign, and donated money to the Democratic Party itself, among other left-wing candidates and committees.

The Bauman Family Foundation has a Board of Advisors. Among those that sit on the Board are David Brock, the head of Media Matters for America. Anne Bartley, Deepak Bhargava, Anne Hess, Gerald Torres, and Naomi Walker also sit on the board.

Patricia Bauman's husband, John Landrum Bryant, also sits on the board. John Landrum Bryant was sued in 2012 for sexual harassment after a former employee accused him of trying to coerce him into a sexual relationship. It is unclear what came of the case.

The Bauman Foundation

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The Bauman Foundation was founded by New York businessman, lawyer and philanthropist Lionel R. Bauman. Upon his death in 1987, the Foundation was the beneficiary of his estate. During his lifetime, Lionel Bauman was a generous supporter of education, the arts and progressive social justice. His daughter, Patricia Bauman, became the Foundation's first President and Co-Director, along with her husband John Landrum Bryant, Vice-President and Co-Director. In 2011, Gary Bass became the Executive Director.

Presently, the Foundation's endowment is between $70 million and $80 million. The Foundation gives around $6 million in grants per year, exceeding the minimum 5 percent payout requirement. The Foundation is intended to have perpetual life. Since its inception, the Foundation has supported environmental health, toxics right to know, open government, and civic participation. It has also made special grants in health care and the arts.

About Us

The Bauman Foundation is dedicated to achieving the values of a true democratic society -- the common good and general welfare, as articulated in the Constitution. We believe that the struggle for true democracy and progressive political and social change is ongoing. At present, the Foundation focuses on economic justice, particularly through federal tax policy and income inequality; government and corporate accountability, particularly through efforts to promote an open, responsive government; and non-partisan civic engagement in the political process.

The Bauman Foundation mostly provides ongoing general support to our grantees and welcomes advocacy that encourages systematic changes rather than those that merely ameliorate symptoms. The Foundation selects and becomes intimately familiar with carefully-chosen policy areas, and it identifies organizations through which it can accomplish its goals. As a result of this approach to its grantmaking, the Bauman Foundation does not review unsolicited proposals.


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