Pacific Justice Institute

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  • Name: Pacific Justice Institute
  • Abbreviation: PJI
  • Founded: 1997
  • Founder: Brad W. Dacus
  • Type: Legal advocacy  |  tax-exempt non-profit organization
  • Associations: neoconservative Christian right  |  anti-LGBTQ+ hate group
  • Location: Sacramento, California, U.S.A.
  • President: Brad W. Dacus
  • Revenue (2017): $2,300,266
  • Website:
  • The Pacific Justice Institute is a member of the ultra secretive and powerful Council for National Policy.

    The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) is a conservative legal defense organization in California, United States.

    PJI provides pro bono representation in matters involving the exercise of religion and other civil liberties. PJI has supported the recitation of "under God" as part of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools, homeschooling, and the enforcement of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act (that prohibits the imposition of burdens on the ability of prisoners to worship as they please, and gives churches and other religious institutions a way to avoid zoning law restrictions on their property use).

    The mission of the organization is "to provide rigorous defense for families and religious organizations when their constitutionally guaranteed rights of conscience are threatened."

    In 2014, the Southern Poverty Law Center designated the Pacific Justice Institute as a hate group  [anti-LGBTQ+ hate group] -- whereas the disinformation troll network FOX News labeled PJI a "legal watchdog group."

    Structure and Finances

    PJI is a tax-exempt non-profit organization. It is headquartered in Sacramento and has four other office locations in California, in the cities of Santa Ana, Oakland, Riverside, and San Diego. It was founded in 1997 by its current president, Brad W. Dacus, a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law.

    In 2020, Charity Navigator gave PJI a 4-star rating. The organization reported income contributions and grants totaling $2,300,266 in 2017.

    In the News

    A local news station in Oregon covered a church lawsuit in 2020 challenging the Governor's order imposing restrictions on churches during a state of emergency.

    The Sacramento Bee reported on the organization's lawsuit against a school district that alleged a student's free-speech rights were violated.

    In 2017, Christian publisher Charisma News posted an article on PJI's petition to the United States Supreme Court on behalf of counselors in California.

    The Courthouse News Service, a publication that reports on lawsuits reported that PJI represented a student who was suspended for distributing religious literature.

    In 2011, a family was fined for holding Bible studies at home in violation of local zoning laws. PJI took up that case.

    The Associated Press reported on an incident where PJI represented people having Bible studies meeting in private homes in California.

    In 2019, a county newspaper reported about the organization's opposition to a California sex education law.

    Notable cases

    Involvement in other issues

    PJI has also been involved in a number of other specific legal issues and cases where its attorneys have filed amicus curiae briefs and/or have testified in the houses of both state and federal legislatures.

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