Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Schools Amy Coney Barrett on Dark Money

Superb presentation illustrating Republican Party and dark money influencers on vested special interests (abolition of: affordable health care, access to abortions, LGBTQ+ rights, judicial freedom; concentration of obfuscated power; ...)

SOURCE:, 2020-10-13
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Twitter.  Senator Sheldon Whitehouse: "This, more and more, looks like it's not three schemes -- but it's one scheme. With the same funders selecting judges, funding campaigns for the judges, & then showing up in court in these orchestrated amicus [amicus curiae] flotillas to tell the judges what to do."


[2020-10-13] Senator Sheldon Whitehouse speaks during hearing for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett.

Discusses:  Republican Party (GOP), Mitch McConnelldark money influencer-funded agendae (facilitated by Citizens United v. FEC) and attacks against: