Climate Change Denial: Facebook

URL Climate Change Denial: Facebook
  Climate misinformation posts viewed up to 1.36m daily  [image source].
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Date published 2021-11-05
Curation date 2021-11-05
Curator Dr. Victoria A. Stuart, Ph.D.
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Summary With a dataset of 195 accounts and 48,700 posts, a report by Stop Funding Heat finds an average range of 818,000 to 1.36 million views of climate misinformation each day on Facebook. Just 3.6% of this content has been fact-checked. This report also finds that Facebook continues to directly receive thousands of dollars while placing climate misinformation on its advertising platform. This issue has an easy fix, was raised over a year ago, and nothing has been done.
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  • Background

  • [📌 pinned report] [, 2021-11-03] #InDenial - Facebook's Growing Friendship With Climate Misinformation.

  • [📌 pinned report] [, 2021-05-12] Stop Funding Heat Calls on Facebook to Stop Spreading Climate Denial.

  • [, 2021-11-05] Facebook Failing To Catch Climate Misinformation, Research Finds.  | is one of over 80 organizations to have partnered with Facebook as part of its third-party fact checking program and is a verified signatory of non-partisan International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN).

  • [, 2021-11-04] People View Climate Misinformation on Facebook About a Million Times Daily, Study Finds.

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