Freedom Convoy 2022

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Title Freedom Convoy 2022
Date published 2022-01-31
Curation date 2022-01-31
Curator Dr. Victoria A. Stuart, Ph.D.
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Summary Freedom Convoy 2022 was a protest conducted by truck drivers in Canada against COVID-19 vaccine requirements to re-enter the country by land, introduced by the Government of Canada on 2022-01-15. Composed of several routes traversing all of the Canadian provinces, the truck convoys converged on Ottawa on 2022-01-29, with a rally at Parliament Hill. The protest has continued into 2021-01-{30-31}.
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Action 4 Canada
Action 4 Canada (associated with the Canada Unity group inside the Freedom Convoy) is an Islamophobic, anti-LGBTQ conspiracy group with webpages about the dangers of political Islam, health consequences of 5G technology, and underreporting of adverse vaccine reactions. Action 4 Canada was founded by Tanya Gaw, who actively supported the Yellow Vests protests of 2019 [Yellow Vests Protests in Canada]. [source]
Key Points
Name Freedom Convoy 2022
Date 2022-01-22 to present  [2022-02-01]
Location Canada
Caused by COVID-19 pandemic in Canada
  • Opposition to mandates for vaccines
  • Opposition to Justin Trudeau
  • Convoy protest over major Canadian highways
  • Demonstration at Parliament Hill
  • James Bauder (organizer)
  • Tamara Lich (convoy fundraiser)
  • Benjamin Dichter (convoy spokesperson)


Freedom Convoy 2022 (French: Convoi de la Liberté) is an ongoing [2022-01-31] protest conducted by truck drivers in Canada against COVID-19 vaccine requirements to re-enter the country by land introduced by the Government of Canada on 2022-01-15. Composed of several routes traversing all of the Canadian provinces, the truck convoys converged on Ottawa on 2022-01-29, with a rally at Parliament Hill. The anti-COVID-19 vaccine mandate protest has continued into 2021-01-{30-31} [today's date: 2022-01-31].

Fundraising was organized by Tamara Lich, the secretary of the Maverick Party, a Western Canadian separatist party. Some protestors have also expressed opposition to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Prior to 2022-01-15, truck drivers and other essential workers had been exempt from the two-week quarantine for unvaccinated travellers crossing Canada's borders. The exemption's abolition has been criticized by some politicians and truckers for having the potential to exacerbate the supply chain disruptions already experienced in Canada. The United States also has a vaccine requirement for non-U.S. individuals which began on 2022-01-22. The Canadian Trucking Alliance estimates that 85% of the 120,000 Canadian truck drivers are already vaccinated against COVID-19, and that the COVID-19 vaccination mandates would impact 26,000 of the 160,000 drivers in both countries who regularly cross the border.

The protest convoy has been condemned by trucking industry groups while truckers behind the protest have been denounced by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a "fringe minority" with "unacceptable views". The movement is supported by several Conservative Party of Canada politicians. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce supports vaccination but has called for extending the deadline for enacting the vaccine mandate, while the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition expressed support for lifting the mandate immediately.

Illegal acts committed by protesters drew widespread condemnation and prompted police to launch criminal investigations. A statue of national hero Terry Fox, the National War Memorial, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier were desecrated during the rally, prompting statements from the Royal Canadian Legion, the Terry Fox Foundation, defence minister Anita Anand and others.


The protest calls for the end of vaccine mandates in Canada during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Freedom Convoy's spokesperson Ben Dichter stated on Fox News that "We want to get rid of the vaccine mandates and the (vaccine) passports. And that passport, that's the really concerning one".

On 2021-11-19 the Public Health Agency of Canada announced upcoming adjustments to Canada's border measures. Included in the announced adjustments was the requirement for essential service providers, including truck drivers, to be fully vaccinated after 2022-01-15. When asked in the House of Commons to produce data linking truckers to COVID-19 infections in Canada, neither the Minister of Health   Jean-Yves Duclos nor the chief public health officer    Theresa Tam were able to do so. As well, the announced adjustments clarified that unvaccinated or partially vaccinated foreign national truck drivers would be prohibited from entering Canada after that date. The United States Department of Homeland Security previously announced on 2021-10-29, that proof of vaccination would be required to enter the United States starting in 2022-01. On 2022-01-22, like Canada, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security implemented proof of vaccination requirements for all non-U.S. individuals entering the United States by land and ferry.

One of the groups associated with the protest, Canada Unity, put out a memo on 2022-01-25 calling all levels of government cease all vaccine mandates, reemploy all employees terminated due to vaccination status and rescind all fines imposed for non-compliance with public health orders.

As the convoy reached Ontario, it began to expand from its original goals. Several protesters voiced opposition to perceived authoritarianism and corruption by Justin Trudeau, stating they wanted him "out of office", while others said: "This is not an anti-vaccination movement, this is a freedom movement". Jason LaFace, Canada Unity's Ontario organizer for the convoy, has stated that the intent of the protest is to dissolve the Canadian government. They plan to present the memo to Governor General   Mary Simon and the Senate of CanadaFirst Nations members were also seen among the protesters, carrying "every child matters" flags, which are used to express anger at the coverup of deaths in residential schools [Canadian Indian residential school gravesites].

Protest Timeline

Convoy Movements

The first convoy departed Prince Rupert, British Columbia on 2022-01-22, arriving in Prince George, British Columbia in the evening. The following day, another convoy left from Delta, British Columbia with supporters gathering along British Columbia Highway 1, the British Columbia portion of the Trans-Canada Highway.

On 2022-01-24 a convoy drove through Regina, Saskatchewan and was greeted by supporters. According to police in Regina  [Regina Police Service], about 1,200 vehicles reached the city. On 2022-01-25 another convoy passed through Kenora, Ontario, where Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in contact with the convoy stated that 200-300 vehicles would be passing through Kenora. The convoys consist of three main routes across Canada, which will converge for the Ottawa protest on the weekend. The Ottawa Police Service estimated that there were up to 2,000 demonstrators in the city on the weekend.

As of 2022-01-26 the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) estimated approximately 400 vehicles had entered Ontario from the Manitoba border as part of the eastbound convoy. The Kingston Police estimated approximately 300 vehicles (17 full tractor-trailers, 104 tractors without trailers, 424 passenger vehicles and six recreational vehicles) passed through Kingston.

On 2022-01-27 winter weather closed a portion of Highway 17, (the main route of the Trans-Canada Highway) in northern Ontario, causing the eastbound convoy to be divided. Some of the truckers continued on to Sault Ste. Marie, while others diverted to Highway 11 (a northern branch of the Trans-Canada Highway) and drove towards Cochrane, Ontario.

Truckers from the Maritime provinces planned to meet in Moncton, New Brunswick before departing for Ottawa. On the morning of 2022-01-27 supporters gathered in Enfield, Nova Scotia where fireworks were set off as 10 to 15 trucks departed for the New Brunswick border. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Prince Edward Island reported that approximately 70 trucks and supporters' vehicles crossed the Confederation Bridge into New Brunswick, but that most immediately turned around and returned to the island. About 24 trucks reportedly passed through Fredericton, New Brunswick in the afternoon, bound for Ottawa. On 2022-01-27 one convoy group passed through the Greater Toronto Area. Hundreds of protesters gathered at highway overpasses in support of the convoy.

On 2022-01-27 Patrick McDonellSergeant-at-Arms of the House of Commons, sent a letter warning of possible doxing attempts to discover the addresses of Members of Parliament in the Capital Region. The letter further warned Members of Parliament (MPs) not to get involved in any demonstrations, to "go somewhere safe", and to keep all doors locked. The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) tweeted "OPP advises motorists to avoid travel on Ontario Highway 417 (the Trans Canada Highway in eastern Ontario) and Ontario Highway 416 in the Ottawa area, beginning Friday afternoon [2022-01-28] and on Saturday [2022-01-29]."

On 2022-01-28 a convoy was seen passing through Quebec. About 600 convoy vehicles are expected to stay the night in Arnprior before heading to Parliament Hill the following morning [2022-01-29].

Members of the protest use Zello chat to communicate.

Provincial Response

On 2022-01-28 the province of Nova Scotia banned gatherings along highways, specifically on the Trans-Canada Highway ( Nova Scotia Highway 104) between the Nova Scotia and New Brunswick border, in relation to protests related to the Freedom Convoy.


On 2022-01-28 as the first trucks began to arrive in Ottawa, Ontario, the Ottawa Police Service disclosed that it had called in reinforcements from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), and were working to identify threats in the convoy. Police Chief Peter Sloly advised people to avoid downtown Ottawa during the weekend protest, adding that "we are prepared to investigate, arrest if necessary, charge and prosecute anyone who acts violently or breaks the law in the demonstrations, or in association with the demonstrations".

On 2022-01-29 - the first day of protest at Parliament Hill - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was moved to an undisclosed location due to security concerns.

Various images of specific acts during the day [2022-01-29] received wide condemnation. Protestors were seen drinking and dancing on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the National War Memorial. Chief of the Defence Staff General Wayne Eyre described it as a desecration, and the Royal Canadian Legion condemned the actions. A statue of iconic cancer fundraiser Terry Fox was decorated with an upside-down Canadian flag and a protest sign. The Terry Fox Foundation commented that Terry Fox "believed in science and gave his life to help others". Images of a Canadian flag marked with a swastika were seen, as were two Confederate flags. The man with the Confederate flag was later forced out by other protesters, who said "Now he's going. Now he's gone. We called him out. He knows. He's gonna hold his head in shame now" Some protestors harassed volunteers at a local soup kitchen demanding free food intended for Ottawa's homeless population. According to the soup kitchen, "One member of our shelter community was assaulted by protestors. A security guard went to his aid and was threatened and called racial slurs." The soup kitchen also said that protesters' vehicles blocked the kitchen's ambulance drop-off zone for around 12 hours before they were towed.

On 2022-01-29 the atmosphere was party-like and among the protesters were parents with kids, groups of friends, and elderly people. They were waving flags, playing music and honking horns. Ottawa Police reported de-escalating multiple "high-risk situations" making no arrests.

On 2022-01-30 Ottawa Police launched a criminal investigation into the desecration of the National War Memorial and statue of Terry Fox. They will also be investigating "threatening/illegal/intimidating behaviour" toward police officers, workers and other private citizens. Also on 2022-01-30 Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly said that "I think the only thing we can say for sure we're still going to be dealing with some level of traffic disruption and demonstration over the next 24 hours."

A pastor from Aylmer, Ontario, known for repeated openings of the church during pandemic restrictions, held a sermon outside the Prime Minister's office, suggesting the crowd would "come and knock at door", if he didn't heed "the word of God". A press conference was held at an undisclosed location, open only to invited right-wing outlets.

The House of Commons is to resume sitting on 2022-01-31, after the holiday break.

On 2022-01-31 Ottawa paramedics announced that protestors had thrown rocks at an ambulance over the course of the weekend and called paramedics racial slurs. Paramedics had treated 19 people over the course of the weekend, mostly due to alcohol-related intoxication.


As mentioned, fundraising for the Freedom Convoy was organized by Tamara Lich, the secretary of the Maverick Party, a Western Canadian separatist party. The Maverick Party has denied involvement in fundraising for the convoy, issuing a statement on 2022-01-24 saying that the party is not involved in the protest.

More than $7.5 million CAD has been raised as of 2022-01-28, out of the $7 CAD million goal, mostly through "small donations of $50 or $100". Some donors were anonymous and some were from outside Canada. Jodhveer Singh Dhaliwal, New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh's brother-in-law, was one of the largest donors to the campaign. Jodhveer Singh Dhaliwal claimed he was unaware what the money would be used for, and claims to have sought a refund.

Fundraising started on 2022-01-14 through the crowdsource fundraising platform GoFundMe. The Taking Back Our Freedom Convoy 2022 GoFundMe quickly raised over $5 million CAD by 2022-01-25. On 2022-01-24 GoFundMe responded to questions by CTV News stating funds raised would not be distributed until the fundraising organizers could demonstrate how the funds would be properly distributed. On 2022-01-27 GoFundMe released the initial $1 million CAD of the funds after the organizers have provided a distribution plan.

Organizers of the fundraising include B.J. Dichter, a 2015 federal Conservative Party of Canada candidate, now associated with the People's Party of Canada.

Funding: Additional Reading


In a Facebook post on 2022-01-26 some organizers estimated as many as 50,000 trucks would be participating in the convoys, a statement repeated in the Toronto Sun and on Fox News. On his blog, Fox News commentator Sean Hannity reported that the convoy was made up of 10,000 heavy trucks, and Toronto Sun editor-in-chief Joe Warmington reported that the event may set a Guinness World Record for the largest truck convoy on record. Snopes described the claims as a "gross exaggeration", suggesting the total count was "likely hundreds", and pointing out that the convoy includes many cars and smaller vehicles. Agence France Presse also fact-checked the claims as false: the current record is 480 trucks, set in Cairo, Egypt in 2020-11, and the Freedom Convoy did not submit an application for an attempt at setting a new record.

On 2022-01-29 the Canadian Trucking Alliance commented that many of the supporters at the protest in Ottawa had no direct connection to the trucking industry.

Alleged Links to Extremist Groups

  • See also main articles:
  • In the lead-up to the planned arrival in Ottawa, it was anonymously reported on 2022-01-25 that alleged far-right and white supremacist groups were hoping for violence on Parliament Hilland redress of grievances akin to the 2021 United States Capitol attack. This has caused organizer Tamara Lich to address convoy members and denounce political violence, saying that protesters should "hold a peaceful protest" instead. Organizers and leaders of the convoy condemned extremist groups, and asked that participants report law breakers to the police. They also stated that any extremists found would be "removed" from the convoy. Despite this, some protesters were photographed waving Confederate or Nazi flags at the rally. One man who was carrying a Confederate flag was heckled and forced to leave by other protesters, who said "Now he's going. Now he's gone. We called him out. He knows. He's gonna hold his head in shame now." On 2022-01-28 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed concern that a small group of protesters are going to be posing a threat during the weekend.

    Links to Far-right and Separatist Groups

    James Bauder

  • QAnon. One of the lead organizers of the convoy, James Bauder, has previously stated support for QAnon, endorsed conspiracy theories around the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 U.S. presidential election, and called for the arrest of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for alleged "treason".

  • Romana Didulo

  • On 2022-02-03 Romana Didulo arrived in Ottawa with supporters. Didulo calls herself the "Queen of Canada" and is a conspiracy theorist linked to . In 2021-11 Romana Didulo called on her 73,000 Telegram followers to shoot healthcare workers. An episode of The Faulkner Focus - hosted by Harris Faulkner - was criticized by The Daily Beast in 2022-02 for trying to normalize the protests and anti-vaccine sentiment. The episode said that the protesters were not a fringe minority, but represented the mainstream of society and had international support. The montage of protesters Harris Faulkner showed prominently displayed imagery relating to QAnon.

  • Patrick King

  • The Facebook page for the convoy has shared content from and listed as an organizer Wexit co-founder and Yellow Vest Canada organizer Patrick King, who has previously hosted counter-protests to anti-racism rallies, spread COVID-19 misinformation, and spread the Great Replacement conspiracy theory.
  • Tamara Lich

  • Tamara Lich, the protest's fundraiser, is Secretary for the Maverick Party, a western separatist group formerly known as Wexit Canada. Tamara Lich was previously the regional co-ordinator for Wexit in southeastern Alberta and board member for Wexit Alberta. The Maverick Party has denied involvement in fundraising for the convoy, issuing a statement on 2022-01-24 saying that the party is not involved in the protest.
  • Tanya Gaw

  • Action 4 Canada - associated with the Canada Unity group inside the Freedom Convoy - Islamophobic and anti-LGBTQ conspiracy group with webpages about the dangers of political Islam, health consequences of 5G technology, and underreporting of adverse vaccine reactions. Action 4 Canada was founded by Tanya Gaw who actively supported the Yellow Vests protests of 2019  ["United We Roll" Truck Convoy of 2019].
  • Jason LaFace

  • Jason LaFace, Canada Unity's Ontario organizer for the Freedom Convoy is also a main organizer for No More Lockdowns Canada - an anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine mandate organization primarily associated with expelled Ontario MPP Randy Hillier which holds anti-lockdown rallies across Ontario.
  • Benjamin "Bj" Dichter

  • Benjamin Dichter who is listed as an organizer on the Freedom Convoy GoFundMe page and who is an organizer of the Freedom Convoy was a speaker at the inaugural 2019 People's Party of Canada National Convention where he claimed political Islam has infiltrated the Conservative Party of Canada and is "rotting away at our society like syphilis".
  • Dave Steenburg

  • Convoy leader Dave Steenburg and administrator of the Convoy Facebook page Jason LaFace both have posted material by Soldiers of Odin, a neo-Nazi vigilante group, on their Facebook pages, Jason LaFace even wearing a Soldiers of Odin jacket.

  • Statements and Reactions

    Canadian Politicians


    Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, dismissed the supply chain disruption concerns as unfounded on the basis that most Canadian truckers have been vaccinated. On 2022-01-31 Trudeau called the protests an "insult to truth", saying that "we are not intimated by those who hurl abuse at small business workers and steal food from the homeless" and "We won't give in to those who fly racist flags. We won't cave to those who engage in vandalism, or dishonour the memory of our veterans."

    Omar Alghabra, the Minister of Transport, stated that the truckers have had enough time to get vaccinated and also expressed concern over "the small number of far-right, vocal opposition that is polluting" the debate surrounding vaccine mandates. Other Canadian politicians - including Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democratic Party, and Ottawa City Councillor Katherine McKenney - described the protests as extremist. Mayor of Port Coquitlam, British Columbia Brad West condemned the defacing of Terry Fox's statue during the protest.

    Erin O'TooleLeader of the Official Opposition as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, initially declined to support the protest, saying instead that the best way to maintain supply chains is for truckers to get vaccinated. Erin O'Toole then later said he would meet with the protesters, but would not participate in nor attend their demonstration in Ottawa. O'Toole, a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, later condemned the protestors for "desecrating" the war memorials on Parliament Hill.


    Conservative MPs Candice BergenPierre PoilievreAndrew ScheerGarnett GenuisMartin ShieldsWarren Steinley, and Jeremy Patzer all expressed their support for the convoy and truckers' movement. Damien Kurek and Michael Cooper attended the rally, serving food.

    The People's Party of CanadaWaterloo, Ontario on 2022-01-23 in support of the convoy protests. People's Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier and Independent Ontario MPP Randy Hillier spoke at the event. Maxime Bernier also attended the 2022-01-29 event at Parliament Hill, criticizing Erin O'Toole for not attending.

    On January 29, Scott MoePremier of Saskatchewan, issued a letter in support of the protest. Although repeatedly encouraging vaccination, Scott Moe stated that he did not support the cross-border vaccine mandate because vaccination does not prevent being infected by or transmitting COVID-19 (a statement that was subsequently disputed by multiple provincial doctors), and pledged that he would lift proof of vaccination requirements in Saskatchewan "in the not too-distant future" for that reason.

    International Politicians

    Various conservative American politicians endorsed the Freedom Convoy including U.S. Representatives   Jim Banks and Kevin McCarthy, former White House Chief of Staff   Mark Meadows, former U.S. President   Donald Trump, and Donald Trump Jr.


    The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), a truckers' trade association, issued a statement supporting vaccination mandates and condemning any protests on public roadways, highways, and bridges, but allowed its members to hold a lawful and organized protest on Parliament Hill. In a separate statement, the CTA warned that there were a lot of protesters with no connection to the trucking industry, and appealed to its own members engaged in protests to remain peaceful.

    The Private Motor Truck Council of Canada noted concern about the convoy's "racist remarks", citing the comparisons to Nazis and communism. The Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association and the British Columbia Trucking Association both criticized the protest.

    The Terry Fox Foundation also condemned the defacing of Fox's statue with anti-mandate signs.

    The Royal Canadian Legion called protestors dancing on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier "shocking" and "strongly condemn" their actions.

    The Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies denounced the use of Nazi symbols by some of the protesters.


    General Wayne Eyre, Canada's Chief of the Defence Staff, said he was, "sickened to see protesters dance on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and desecrate the National War Memorial", after video of such events surfaced online 2022-01-29.

    Barry Prentice, transportation economy professor at University of Manitoba, stated that the truckers should be treated differently than flight crews or passenger-train employees, and that the positive aspects of vaccine mandates should be evaluated against the disruptions they would cause to the freight industry. Elon Musk tweeted "Canadian truckers rule" and followed it up with "If you scare people enough, they will demand removal of freedom. This is the path to tyranny." English comedian Russell Brand released a video decrying the media for ignoring reporting on the protest. Russell Brand also said in the video that "Truckers, who were previously regarded as heroes when they were delivering vital goods and working during the lockdown, are now villains as they protest vaccine mandates". Krista Haynes, daughter of Ontario Premier Doug Ford and active anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine campaigner, attended a rally in support of the truckers as they headed to Ottawa.

    Copycat Protests


  • [, 2022-02-09] Inspired by Canadian protests, French 'freedom convoy' gets underway.

  • New Zealand

  • [, 2022-02-08] New Zealand's capital sees its own convoy protest against COVID-19 restrictions.  Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says protesters don't represent the views of a majority of Kiwis. ... While there have been homegrown demonstrations at various points during the pandemic in New Zealand, pictures from the protest on Tuesday [2022-02-08] indicated a likely awareness of recent COVID-19 protest activity in Ottawa and the United States, with Canadian and "Trump 2024" flags evident.

  • United States

  • [, 2022-02-08] Right-Wing Americans Want In on Canada's Anti-Vax "Freedom Convoy".  The anti-vaccine mandate trucker convoy is becoming an anti-globalist globalist affair.

  • [, 2022-02-11] White Nationalists and Anti-Vax Moms Plot Ottawa Copycat Convoys on Telegram.  "You don't have to be a trucker. We're looking for mom vans, too!"

  • Attacks on Schools

  • [, 2022-02-16] Anti-mandate protester targets students outside B.C. high school in racist tirade.

  • [, 2022-02-15] Anti-mandate protest outside B.C. high school leads to confrontation, protester hurling insults at student.  School wasn't aware that RCMP officer had left the area surrounding the school, superintendent says.

  • [, 2022-02-12] Ottawa Parents Harassed By Pick-Up Truck While Dropping Kids Off at Elementary School.  Leaders of far-right convoy occupying Ottawa had discussed plan to target local elementary schools one day earlier.

  • [, 2022-02-10] Elementary School Students and Teachers Dealing With Harassment as Far-Right Convoy Occupies Ottawa.  Ottawa school board confirms incident outside local elementary school.</p>

  • Relevant, re: Freedom Convoy 2022 protests and targeting of schools.

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  • [, 2022-02-17] Ottawa police arrest vaccine-mandate protest organizers Tamara Lich and Chris Barber.

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  • [, 2022-02-14] The Emergencies Act has been enacted. Here's what that means.

  • [, 2022-02-14] Military investigating at least 6 active soldiers for supporting convoy protests.  2 among the 6 are members of elite JTF2 counterterrorism unit.

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  • [, 2022-02-06] Convoy Pushback: "Thank You Health Workers".  When honking drivers protesting COVID measures arrived at a strained Vancouver hospital, the pandemic divide was on full view.

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  • [CTVNews, 2022-02-05] Trump calls Trudeau 'far left lunatic,' expresses support for convoy.

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  • [, 2022-02-04] GoFundMe removes Freedom Convoy 2022 fundraiser from its platform after police suggest guns brought to protest.  Coincidentally in B.C., several who support the convoy happen to be firearms enthusiasts.

  • [, 2022-02-04] Vancouver health authorities warn staff to shelter and hide medical credentials during anti-vaxx convoy.

  • [, 2022-02-04] Candice Bergen pushed O'Toole to back convoy saying there are 'good people on both sides': sources.

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  • [, 2022-02-03] GoFundMe page for Freedom Convoy 2022 is under review.

  • [, 2022-02-03] MPs agree to call GoFundMe to testify over trucker convoy fundraiser.

  • [, 2022-02-02] Trucker convoy GoFundMe suspended after reaching $10.1 million.

  • [, 2022-02-01] Conservatives hitch their wagons to the convoy protest without knowing where it's going.  The protest is unpredictable, its goals are uncertain - and the nation is watching.

  • [, 2022-02-01] "Freedom Convoy" GoFundMe is Canada's second-largest ever.

  • [, 2022-01-31] Anti-Vax Convoy Leader [Benjamin Dichter] Says He Welcomes Protesters Displaying 'Confederate Flags' in Ottawa.  "Let's assume there were people who do have a Confederate flag ... I don't care ... I want to hear unacceptable opinions."

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