Conservative Party of Canada

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Date published 2021-09-13
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Conservative Party of Canada
Parti conservateur du Canada
Name Conservative Party of Canada
  • CPC (English)
  • PCC (French)
Founded 2003-12-07
Merger of
Location Canada
Headquarters Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
President Robert Batherson
Leader Erin Michael O'Toole
Deputy leader Candice Marie Bergen
Senate leader Donald Neil Plett
House leader Gérard Deltell
Areas served Canada
Membership 2020: 269,469
Political position Center-right to right-wing
Description The Conservative Party of Canada, a federal political party in Canada, sits at the centre-right to the right of the Canadian political spectrum, with their federal rivals (Liberal Party of Canada) positioned to their left.

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  • Background


  • See also: Transphobic "Bathroom Predator" Myth: Canadian Federal Politics.

  • [, 2021-09-13] Florence Ashley: The Conservatives want to abandon trans children.  The party's election platform includes a promise to criminalize conversion therapy - but only for sexual orientation.

  • Smear Campaign Against Maxime Bernier and People's Party of Canada

  • See main entry: Project Cactus [Smear Campaign against Maxime Bernier].

  • Additional Reading

  • [📌 pinned article] [, 2022-09-10] Pierre Poilievre Claims He's a Friend of the 'Working Class'. He's Spent Years Attacking Canadian WorkersPierre Poilievre has pushed hard for U.S.-style 'Right-to-Work' laws and defended the temporary foreign worker program as Stephen Harper's jobs minister.

  • [📌 pinned article] Stephen Joseph Harper

  • [📌 pinned article] [, 2014-09-18] New Documents Show That the Stephen Harper Government Is Panicked About Trans Rights.

  • [, 2022-09-16] Canada's New Right-Wing Conservative Leader Is Saying What the Party Faithful Believe.  In the contest for leadership of Canada's Conservative Party, MP Pierre Poilievre has won a resounding victory, sparking fears of a slide into Trumpism. But Pierre Poilievre's leadership represents continuity with the Conservative Party's past more than a break with it.

  • [, 2022-09-16] Convoy donors gave more than $460K to CPC leadership race - and many were first-time federal donors.  Most of the convoy donors' leadership campaign donations went to Pierre Poilievre.

  • [, 2022-02-11] Pierre Poilievre's leadership bid marks a toxic turn for Canada's Conservatives.  The pieces seem to be quickly falling into place for a coronation, but is the nasty Trump knock-off really the answer to unite a broken Conservative party?

  • [, 2021-12-30] Top Conservative Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Abortion and Anti-Vaccine Eruptions of 2021.  Horse dewormer, conversion therapy and neo-Nazi money.

  • [, 2021-12-08] The ideological war between Conservative factions can only be won at the ballot box.
  • [, 2021-11-17] The challenges facing the Conservative Party may be bigger than Erin O'Toole.  A broader question is whether the party can reconcile its policy goals with what most Canadians say they want.

  • [, 2021-10-23] O'Toole's Tories outliers in Canadian politics for keeping vaccination status secret.

  • [, 2021-09-22] After Monday's vote, the federal Conservative caucus will be 95 per cent white.  Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole's push to make the party more diverse fell short. Only seven of the Conservative candidates leading or elected in 119 ridings across the country are Black, Indigenous or a person of colour (BIPOC) - a share of the total that's even lower now that it was before the election because some Conservative incumbents lost their seats. A CBC News analysis of the preliminary results shows the vast majority of the MPs making up the new Conservative caucus - nearly 95 per cent - are white, even as the country's racial makeup is diversifying. Before this election, nine per cent of Tory MPs were BIPOC. ...

  • [, 2021-09-22] Some Conservative losses in Metro Vancouver are actually a good result for Erin O'Toole.  However, he still has to contend with eight B.C. members of caucus who voted against a ban on conversion therapy.

  • [, 2021-09-19] Conservative Candidates Promoted Petitions That Sent Personal Data to European Far-Right Group.  CitizenGo has close ties to global far-right, anti-LGBTQ groups based in Spain, Russia and Hungary

  • [, 2021-09-17] Conservative Candidate Penned Op/Ed Calling For Privatization of Canada's Healthcare System.  Les Jickling called private medicine "the solution to problems in our universal healthcare system."

  • [, 2021-09-15] Conservative Candidate Pins Chances of Winning On Parallels Between London, Ontario And Viktor Orbán's Hungary.  Mattias Vanderlay thinks he can "flip" the riding of London-Fanshawe because its people are "very socially conservative."

     |  Conservative Party of Canada bio: Mattias Vanderley  |  local copy

  • Asked what he thought of the far-right People's Party of Canada, however, Mattias Vanderley was more muted - describing Maxime Bernier's party as "idealistic to a fault." As for himself, Vanderley is decidedly less muted: "I am not quite in the same bind as other politicians where they're scared to interact with people. Some are deathly worried about having a scandal, they're worried about saying the wrong thing or going out there." "I don't let fear dominate my actions," he said. "I let reason."

    Neither Mattias Vanderley nor the Conservative Party of Canada nor Viktor Orbán's Fidesz party responded to requests for comment from PressProgress.

  • [, 2021-09-13] Florence Ashley: The Conservatives want to abandon trans children.  The party's election platform includes a promise to criminalize conversion therapy - but only for sexual orientation.

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